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CSPO Training Feedback Naveen Nanjundappa

Shilpa Venkatesh


I have attended both CSM and CSPO courses even though CSPO was my primary focus. I was suggested that CSM would provide the required foundation for CSPO. Honestly, I wasn’t 100% sold at the idea initially. Now, I am glad I decided to do both! 

I have worked on so called agile projects for ~5 years but CSM class made me realize why some of the projects may not have reaped full benefits of agile. It could be because they may have been the victims to peer pressure of organizations to keep up with industry trend of moving to agile, in spite it wasn’t best fit or by not fully incorporating agile principles or by not adhering to the agile and scrum values. 

The class helped me re-evaluate some the processes and strategies that we do / don’t follow in my projects / teams. Believe it or not some of the small changes that I have applied after the class, have made huge impact in my projects / teams. 

CSPO course is definitely aimed at making you a better Product Owner. This course caters to anyone who is already a PO or assisting a PO or interested in becoming a PO. In case you are already a PO then it will help you learn what a typical PO roles and responsibilities are and challenges you to think in terms of what more can be done. If you are new, it helps you understand how to continually work towards your goal. 

If you are still having tough time deciding if it’s best suited for you, I would suggest you to talk to the trainer Naveen Nanjundappa. I found him to be sincere and honest in sharing his opinions without forcing a decision upon you but rather allowing you to come to the decision on your own accord.

Very impressed with the training.
Naveen is powerful trainer, very passionate with strategic thinking and gives a deep understanding of Agile way of working.
I recommend his training

Feedback : CSPO training by Naveen Nanjundappa was great. Got lot of insights into Product Owner role. It removed lot of my earlier misconceptions. The activity based training helped a lot in understanding and it was thought provoking. Would definitely recommend these sessions to anyone wanting to move to product owner role.
Mr. Naveen Nanjundappa
is one of the best trainer, who explains complex content in easiest way with examples which can be related in day to day life.
Must attend session if want to be "WINNER"

Mohamed Riyaz
Team Leader
Would definitely advise this workshop and certification to others who are embarking on the Scrum journey or are interested in knowing about Scrum.
Really positive experience.
Feedback : The is one of "The Best" training, I ever had. It created me burning desire on learning & implementing more and more on SCRUM. Impressive trainer Naveen Nanjundappa
I recommend people to take training from Naveen Nanjundappa because he's the only one so far I have known who can explain scrum in a lay man´s language. One amazing trainer.
Divya Mohan feedback on Naveen Nanjundappa
Divya Mohan
Scrum Master
Feedback : The amount of learning that you will have is awesome. Two days were full of information & experiences.
I just loved every bit of it. Loads of wow and shocking moments.
Prakash Nagaraj
Prakash Nagaraj
Scrum Master
Feedback : Naveen showed a lot of mastery of concepts and his ability to relate Agility and Scrum to real life examples was outstanding.
His ability to relate theory & practice makes him an outstanding facilitator
I recommend this to who so ever is interested in learning Agile, take this training.
Naveen is metaphor for Agile. Certificate is secondary after his training..
Narendra Pratap
Narendra Pratap
Project Manager
Feedback : Attending the CSM training under Mr. Naveen Nanjundappa was a fruitful experience. He has to be right up there in my best trainer's list.
I could not get away from the ideologies of "Winning Team" and "Winning Product"
Sanjay Sinha
Sanjay Sinha
Pre-Sales & IT Consulting
CSM training by Naveen is mandate for those you aspire to be a change agent.
Mere internet and book related theory gives diverse perceptions which deviates from actual concepts. It made me realize how far the industries had modified in reality.
Yuvrani Kamala Kannan
Yuvrani Kamala Kannan
Technical Leader
Naveen Nanjundappa is agile personified.

The training certainly gave me a new perspective to address the issues which I have already started implementing at my workplace with positive results.
Girish Pai
Girish Pai
Test Manager
Feedback : It was really an eye opener for all the things which was learnt by me earlier.
Naveen brain washed each and every topic with clear real time examples and explained the Scrum as per the Scrum Guide. Kudos for that .
Rakshith Parashuram
Rakshith Parashuram
Business Analyst
Start to end, it was totally brainwash. There are lot of thing we do wrong way in our regular office work, even in our personal life. Naveen Nanjundappa really brainwashed and showed the correct way which is going to be useful lifelong.
Vishal Sadvilkar
Vishal Sadvilkar
Project Manager
Feedback : If you have aspiration to b a CSM, I would say just go for it.
Excellent training. Worth every penny spent.
Syed Abbas
Syed Abbas
Program Manager