CSM Training Feedback Naveen Nanjundappa

CSM Training Feedback Naveen Nanjundappa
CSPO Training Feedback Naveen Nanjundappa
CSM Training Feedback Naveen Nanjundappa
CSM Training Feedback Naveen Nanjundappa

"Last couple of months I was searching a good trainer for CSM. When I came to know about Naveen, I was surprised and lot of questions are coming to my mind, how was the trainer, because am spending money whether it will be worth or not. How I clear the exam. Lot of things are coming to my mind. Then I decided that let’s go and attained the training it was First day, I came to know am in good shape and am not losing the money. it was very much impressed and getting very good knowledge about the Agile and scrum. His example and case studies really helpful in my professional as well as personal life. He is always trying to engaged all his participants with various practical case studies" Prasant Dikhit

Thank you very much for providing such a world class training, I must say that those 2 days of training was the most effective and efficient days of my life :). You are really a miracle Sir! Thank you so much once again! - Souju

A BIG thank you for making the training informative and easy to grasp. We got a good amount on clarity on the SCRUM framework. - Sunish

Your training was really effective, enjoyed learning every concepts through the activities. - Arun

I have to thank you a lot from the bottom of my heart for the good insight you provided on the various aspects of Scrum. Moreover it was an amazing experience being under your guidance for this course and I hope we will cross paths again. It was a delight being in your class. Thanks a million once again. - Vinod

It's not just "CSM" certification training, you create change agents in transformational workshop. "Thanks Naveen. You really brainwashed us !! It feels like still listening to you in class and I have also started talking in your style 🙂 Big transformation. I am at office and have called for a meeting with my PM and CEO to solve a big problem on my task list. Thanks for this enlightening.I am not worried much about clearing the exam but i am very sure i have learnt lot more from you.I will share my experiences once i see the end results of working as a change agent." Vidhya Rajasekaran

We are really blessed to have a trainer like you. I attended several sessions and trainings in my 12 years professional career but your session was just like a "dream". When ever I look at my email signature with "CSM" tag I remember you and in fact whole group who became friends during the CSM training. You really know the pulse of people and where they really go wrong in terms of Agile / Scrum concepts. The way you arranged the stick-ons and charts around the conference room initially left me confused whether I am into any art competition or for CSM training. As time passed on, I really felt that I am into art gallery only with an artist who is painting our heads with Agile concepts with different metaphors. These are not just to praise you but are right from heart. When mind gets what it wants, heart speaks. All the very best once again and I recommend everyone to pass this information to everyone around them so that they may not miss a beautiful chance to meet an Agile Artist !! Srini, Project Manager

Naveen breathes agile. He made me be aware of what is right on agile and scrum by clarifying myths around it. The delta learning technique, the metaphors he used during the training are unique and powerful in making/transforming me as a real change agent at my organisation. I strongly recommend Naveen Nanjundappa, I feel blessed to attend CSM workshop by Naveen. I was coached at my company by different coaches and trainers but Naveen's session is unique, engaging, and innovative and made a deep impact on all participants. I can certainly say he has the depth of knowledge. Balachandra sekhar, Scrum Master

Naveen Nanjundappa is excellent on the topic, his understanding is clear and descriptive. He is ready with answer to all the questions during the discussion. We certainly recommend Naveen Nanjundappa and his CSM workshop for full team so that they can accept the change. Naveen is very good in describing the principles and concepts. Really a "Brain Washer" Jeebanjyothi, Sr. Manager 

Naveen's session was interactive, cleared all myths and gave new perspective and was thought provoking workshop. The training, ambience and the level of engagement was too good. I certainly recommend Naveen and this workshop for others so that they can reap the benefits that I have taken from this training. Ravi Kiran, Technical Manager

This workshop was good, interactive, practical, activity based and knowledgeable. There were lot of agile metaphors and real time examples. Naveen is good at answering all the questions we had during the workshop, but at times people asked redundant questions that could be avoided. Overall I recommend Naveen as trainer for this workshop and other training needs. Archana Ravi, Sr. Business Analyst 

Naveen Nanjundappa is excellent, very practical, simple and focused. Workshop demonstrates very clearly the agile aspects, principles and their core meaning. We can take back lot of learning from this session and start implementing in possible scenarios at our office and personal life. I would strongly recommend this workshop for becoming the change agents in professional and personal life. Sasikiran, Sr. Project Manager

This workshop was very engaging; lot of real life agile metaphors helped me understand the concepts, I would recommend Naveen Nanjundappa, because learning basics of agile and scrum from him would be very easy. He answered all complex questions in a simple way.  Prakash Mishra, Associate Consultant 

Naveen Nanjundappa - I appreciate his visualizing ability. He is very passionate to be agile. CSM workshop will help others to unlearn and relearn agile and scrum .I recommend this workshop and Naveen, as this will definitely help to practice scrum and be agile in day to day activities. Anonymous Project Manager.

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