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We don't believe there is a perfect solution that can be replicated for successful agile transformation. Our consultants & coaches derive best possible solution working with people in the engineering team and management team. Our focus is to help you build winning teams and products and align everyone towards organisational success and total agile transformation.

Our Coaching Styles & Focus Areas

Full time Coaching: 3 to 5 Days/Week


Our coaches shall work along with your team during the sprints to enable maximum focus on teaching, mentoring and coaching them towards self organizing. Since our coaches are available for maximum duration in the sprint they focus on long term effectiveness working with teams in all areas towards building winning teams.  

Pull based coaching: 1-2 Days/Sprint


Pulling our coaches on the need basis is the best return on investment as they would be available for most important times for your team working towards their goal. Usually the pull based coaching enables the team to focus on self learning, practice and then discuss their new learning, issues and questions with coaches. 

Coaching – Team Agility


All teams go though the team formation stages - Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing. The performance of the team is maximum when the team members are in Performing state and building the team through all these stages to reach high performing and self organizing nature is an important aspect of the agile transformation.

Team Agility focus on enabling the team to work as single unit towards the common goal. Our Coaches spend time working with the team to build them as high performing and self organizing teams. Improving the tools and techniques used by teams, introducing new strategies towards winning as team.

Usually the Self-organizing takes 3-6 months with an full time or pull based coaching


Coaching – Process Agility


Process agility focus on software development frameworks, tools & techniques, strategies

Our coaches will help management team and teams in choosing the right framework for their nature of work, guide on tools and techniques, align towards organizational agile transformation tools.

Frameworks that are coached are Scrum, Kanban, LeSS. Implementing product release strategies, mastering various best practices. Enable the team and management towards discovering the new tools, techniques and strategies.

With our coaches your team shall practice, practice & practice all the best ways of working towards winning.

Coaching – Leadership Agility


Leadership teams to be aligned towards leading the agile transformation, our coaches will work with leaders and help them focus on embracing the role of leadership in transformation, servant leadership & motivating teams. Transform from being a leader towards being a leader. Applying 12 Principles at work and implementing them

Establish collaborative culture, focus on creating an ecosystem that is most suitable for teams to self organize, coach towards business agility.

Coaching – Organizational Agility


Organizational Agility focus on coaching beyond team and product development. Working with management team towards strategies for higher ROI, organization structures, infrastructures, HR Processes forwards hiring and performance evaluation. Our coaches shall work with various departments to align them towards single goal of building winning teams and products. Facilitate decision making, reduce the delays in decision making, bring accountability for faster and collaborative work.

Leaders build organizational culture, culture shapes organizational leaders ! Build your leaders and culture for total agile transformation.

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