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12 Principles Consulting conducts popular certification training programs such as CSM/CSPO. Explore more on these certification programs.

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Virtual Live Instructor Based Training

Scrum is a simple inspect & adapt based incremental and iterative product development framework. Scrum only defines the rules and guidelines, giving unlimited options in tools, techniques and strategies

Our Certified Scrum Product Owner Training focus on

Customer Needs​

Do you know what your customer need? 

Customers don't need your product, solution or fancy  functionality. 

Customer want their problems to be addressed. 

Roadmap & Release Strategies

Do you know how to build & when to release ?

Connect your long & short term goals, with right roadmap & releases strategies. 

Hit the market with a competitive product. 

Prioritization Strategies​

Your priority could be way different from customer expectation ?

Prioritization isn't just selecting something over the other.

It's about deciding and strategically focusing on value you deliver to your customer 

Succeeding with Products​

Would product with lots of features be successful?

Success is not in creating a product with lots of functionalities., 

It is about creating a desire to buy your product over other. 

Our Certified ScrumMaster Training focus on

Strong Foundation

You would be able to apply the learning to any framework 

Burst the myths and get inspired towards agility. 

Scrum Mastery

Understand the role better & deeper. Emerge as leader

Coach organization towards "build winning teams"

Scrum Framework

You will never forget Scrum in your life time. It's easy & effective

Think beyond framework and focus on what is essential to win

Examples, Case Studies

Industry examples and experiences makes learning easy

Go beyond just theory, learn how to apply your learning at work. 

your needs - Your Decision

As Scrum Masters & Product Owners, you are accountable for your decisions, your first test is to think what are your needs and purpose of certification. 

Our recommendation, if you are a manager, or looking for change or searching for job having holistic learning will enable you to perform better. Most of our students prefer Holistic learning to get best return on investment. 

Single Certification

₹ 27,000

Per person

  • CSM or CSPO
  • CSM Test After Day-2
  • Free Rescheduling
  • Virtual Live Training
  • 16 Hrs Training
  • 2 Hrs Youtube video​
  • 2 Practice Tests
  • Materials - Soft Copy
  • 16 PDUs & SEUs
  • 2 Years Membership
  • Group Membership

Holistic Learning

₹ 40,000

Per person

  • CSM Certification
  • CSPO Certification
  • CSM Test After Day-2
  • CSPO After Day-2
  • Free Rescheduling
  • Virtual Live Training
  • 32 Hrs Training
  • 2 Hrs Youtube video
  • 2 Practice Tests
  • Materials - Soft Copy
  • 34 PDUs & SEUs
  • 2 Years Membership
  • Group Membership
Naveen Nanjundappa is a phenomenal individual who radiates positiveness, learning and enthusiasm with his unique teaching skill. Constantly on his feet, Naveen goes beyond imparting knowledge. He takes you through examples and instances that make you realize how much of what is being taught can apply to one's life and transform your various life skills. Naveen has changed many lives and you could be next !

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Succeed With Agility, in Emerging Markets

12 Principles Consulting

offers services to achieve agility in People, Process, Organization, & Leadership to succeed in emerging markets. Our coaching and consulting programs focus on total agile transformation and agile process adaption.
Look beyond and opens ideas to explore tools & techniques, strategies for product development and delivery.

We offer various Scrum Alliance certification programs such as Certified Scrum Master & Certified Scrum Product Owner.

Our goal is to help you build winning teams & products.

Agility on your strategies keep you ahead of competition in the market

We focus on total agile transformation

12 Principles Consulting Agile Services

Leadership Agility

Recent research suggest that leaders who are agile can inspire & would be able to boost the energy levels of others enabling them to act and achieve better.

Organizational Agility

This enables you to bring in agile culture & mindset that results in best outcome from the teams. Focus on culture, structure & business strategies.

Process Agility

While there are many tools / techniques & strategies, the process agility focus on effectiveness and efficiency at work, maximizing ROI for the organization.

People Agility

Creativity & Innovation keeps the product ahead of market needs. building those winning product requires the focus on people agility.

Certified Scrum Master Certification in Bangalore


12 Principles Consulting

offers professional & expert advice for team, organizations which are struggling to adapt Agile frameworks such as Scrum.

Our agile coaches have expertise, capabilities & deep industry insight to guide your most complex situations. We can help you move ahead with confidence while adapting agility. 

Coaching & Mentoring

We believe that best results are seen when the team & management undertakes the coaching & mentoring with coach & subject matter experts. 12 Principles Consulting offers coaching services that help organizations to achieve specific goals during agile transformation & adaption. 

Our focus is to bring effectiveness and efficiency into the system, build the team / leaders in the organization such a way that they are self sufficient & organized in reaching their business goals and objectives. Our objective is not to be make your organization dependent on us. 

We don’t go by books, instead coach to innovate, think out of box and create tools, techniques & strategies to succeed in emerging markets. 

Our Coaching results in developing potential within team & leadership, improving relationships, and enhancing performance to handle emerging market needs.

Coaching by 12 Principles Consulting Scrum Master

People, Process, Organization, & Leadership are important focus areas 

Articles & Blog Posts

Agile Manifesto & Scrum

Agile Manifesto was drafted by 17 representatives from Extreme Programming, Scrum, DSDM, Adaptive Software Development, Crystal, Feature-Driven Development, Pragmatic Programming. Today Scrum has been widely used in industry and find success in delivering results in emerging markets. Do you want to know how Scrum framework reflects the values in agile manifesto.. 

XP - Engineering Practices

Extreme Programming (XP) has listed a few engineering practices that helps the team to develop high quality product, focus on simplicity, reduce risks, better designs & deliver early and incrementally. In the recent trend teams developing products with Scrum framework are using extensively & find it tremendously useful to achieve their goals. 

Product Strategy

Product Strategy is a living plan for achieving the product vision and business goals of the organization. Product Strategy gets derived from market & customer needs, key features &  differentiators, business goals. 


Product Life Cycle

Product life cycle describes the stages in which the product moves in the market as it matures, understanding Kotler’s product life cycle stages would help the product owner to make / change their strategies towards making the product profitable throughout its existence 

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