Certified Scrum Product Owner CSPO Training Certification

Master The Art Of
Product Management​

Success of the product is result of how we well we understand the problem, solution and market.  

Product management focuses customer’s problem & opportunity for developing a new or existing product.  

Our Certified Scrum Product Owner focus on mastering the product thinking

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CSM CSPO Scrum Master Product Owner Training

Participants from any location (city, country) can attend the training and get certified.

Since this is Virtual Live, participants location doesn't matter. Approved by Scrum Alliance

Our Certified Scrum Product Owner Training Schedule

India Time Morning Batch 7:00am - 2:30pm

India Time Evening Batch 3:30pm - 11:00pm

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Our Certified Scrum Product Owner Training focus on

Customer Needs​

Do you know what your customer need? 

Customers don't need your product, solution or fancy  functionality. 

Customer want their problems to be addressed. 

Roadmap & Release Strategies

Do you know how to build & when to release ?

Connect your long & short term goals, with right roadmap & releases strategies. 

Hit the market with a competitive product. 

Prioritization Strategies​

Your priority could be way different from customer expectation ?

Prioritization isn't just selecting something over the other.

It's about deciding and strategically focusing on value you deliver to your customer 

Succeeding with Products​

Would product with lots of features be successful?

Success is not in creating a product with lots of functionalities., 

It is about creating a desire to buy your product over other. 

Product Management is an art, and product owner is the CEO of the product who is always focused on building winning products, collaborating with the development teams
Learn Product Management, Product thinking and ownership

  • Trainer

    • Naveen Nanjundappa, Certified Scrum Trainer

  • Certification Steps

    • After 2 days of training, participants will be certified with CSPO.
    • Note: There is no test for CSPO

  • Duration & Timing

    • Check individual course for duration, date and scheduled time.
    • 16 Hours of Virtual Live Training.
    • Zoom Meeting Platform

  • Fee

    • INR 27,000 (Approx 360 USD)
    • Discounts as Applicable
    • Includes Certification Fees

  • Take Away

    • Best & Unforgettable Learning Experience
    • Course Material Soft Copy
    • 2 Year Scrum Alliance Membership
    • 16 PDUs for Renewal of PMI Certificates

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CSPO Review naveen nanjundappa
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