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Certified Scrum Master Training Certification

Master of Scrum
"The Scrum Master"

Mastery of  Scrum Framework isn't knowing Scrum roles & events, one has to focus on the tools & techniques, the strategies that needs to be adapted continuously. 

Success of the team is directly connected to working with effective Scrum Master, who is a good facilitator, mentor, coach, change agent & leader resulting in self organizing behavior & winning teams

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Our Certified ScrumMaster Training focus on

Strong Foundation

You would be able to apply the learning to any framework 

Burst the myths and get inspired towards agility. 

  • Why & What's Agile
  • Framework Context
  • Tools & Techniques
  • Strategies
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Agile Principles

Scrum Framework

You will never forget Scrum in your life time. It's easy & effective

Think beyond framework and focus on what is essential to win

  • Purpose & Intend
  • Inspect & Adapt
  • Improve Continuously
  • Scrum Role
  • Scrum Events
  • Scrum Artefacts

Scrum Mastery

Understand the role better & deeper. Emerge as leader

Coach organization towards "build winning teams"

  • Leadership
  • Change Agent
  • Coach
  • Facilitator
  • Team Focus
  • Organization Focus

Examples, Case Studies

Industry examples and experiences makes learning easy

Go beyond just theory, learn how to apply your learning at work. 

  • Real life experiences
  • Office Situations
  • Asking Right Questions
  • Self Realization
  • Matured Thinking
  • People over Process

Virtual Live Instructor Based Training

Certified Scrum Master CSM Training & Certification Steps

Attend weekend training & passing test, Monday morning you can walk into your office with certificate

Step 1: Attend a 16 hr classroom based in-person training, covering Scrum Alliance CSM learning objectives
Step 2: After completing the training, take the 50 question CSM test.  Pass with 37 / 50 questions 
Step 3: Accept the licence agreement, download your Certified Scrum Master Certification document

Experience one of the best Certified Scrum Master Certification class by Naveen Nanjundappa. We have 100% pass rate and average score by participants in CSM Test after training is 47 / 50. Approximate time required for the certification including training is 2 days. Valid for 2 years, renew after demonstrating continuous learning. 

Why Certified Scrum Master Certification is Necessary

As a professional when you want to

  • Attending job interviews to explore career opportunities as Scrum Master
  • Increase their visibility and differentiate with other fellow professionals
  • Clearly understand Scrum framework and associated thoughts to apply at work.
  • Use Scrum Framework for their projects and product development

Why 12 Principles Consulting? 

  • Unlike other CSM Training in Bangalore, our training are really with limited seats per batch
  • During our session you will have lots of wow and shocking moments related to work. 
  • Our focus is towards transforming participants thought process 
  • Our session has unique style that brings lots of discussion, keep the participants engaged
  • Thought provoking discussions that makes sense and bring reality to focus. 
  • Every training is unique for us and we continuously adapt to deliver best examples
  • Naveen Nanjundappa is practitioner & coach, connects participants with office situations
  • Participants will walk out with lots of confidence on handling their work & implementing Scrum. 
  • It’s just a beginning, we have forum to discussion questions after training

Naveen Nanjundappa, Certified Scrum Trainer

12 Principles Consulting Naveen NanjundappaWell known for his unique teaching style, Mr. Naveen Nanjundappa has over 19 years of service in IT industry, with experience in most of the standard roles of software development life cycle such as developer, tester, leader, manager of projects and products. He was introduced to XP & Scrum in 2005. Following his passion for coaching, he has spent last 8 years coaching agile transformation, Scrum teams, trained over 4000+ people from various organizations. Expertise in Scrum, Leadership Agility, Organizational Agility, Process Agility, Team Agility, Product Management & Project Management.

CSM / CSPO certification by Naveen Nanjundappa is Transformational, with lot of examples from real life and Indian working culture. Participants will feel empowered, focused and knowledgeable to handle situations at work & most importantly you transformed not just certified!  

Know more about Naveen Nanjundappa


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Email: contact@12principles.in

Certified Scrum Master Training in Bangalore

CSM Course Contents

  • Understanding Agile
  • History of Agile 
  • Agile Values & Principles
  • Scrum framework
  • The Product Owner
  • The Development Team
  • The Scrum Master
  • Sprint & Increment
  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Product Increment
  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Definition of Done
  • Scrum Master Responsibilities
  • Working with Development Team
  • Working with Product Owner
  • Coaching the Product Owner
  • Working with Organization
  • Coaching the Organization

Images from Class

Interactive class

Our goal is to provide a training session that is focused on maximizing the learning and interaction with limited participants. 

Discussion on real life situations, case studies, reflection & retrospectives . Every participant feel confident to handle the situation at office. 

Scrum Discussion

Easy to understand

CSM Training Notes
Certified Scrum Master CSM Training & Certification

Scrum Framework is incremental and iterative product development framework. Scrum has simple rules, 4 events, 3 artefacts & 3 roles enables its users to build and succeed in complex ecosystems. 

Sprint Planning is the first event in Sprint, it has two parts 1. to identify / set the sprint goal 2. to plan how to achieve the sprint goal. Scrum Master facilitate this event, the Development Team and Product Owner collaborates.

Certified Scrum Master CSM Training & Certification
More than 80% of the people who register, are recommended by people who have attended our training.
Naveen Nanjundappa is one of those rare talented individuals who can have a tremendous impact on your thought process. He is an excellent public speaker with a profound passion for his profession. His 2 day CSM training is one of a kind as he gives real life examples and compares them to real office scenarios. At the end of it, you will see Scrum everywhere and never forget it! No amount of words will do justice to his excellent work..
Mr. Naveen Nanjundappa
is one of the best trainer, who explains complex content in easiest way with examples which can be related in day to day life.
Must attend session if want to be "WINNER"

Mohamed Riyaz
Team Leader
2 days of workshop with Naveen Nanjundappa has opened my ways and path to Agile in a way that my 1.5 years of Agile working experience couldnt. I feel so enriched with loads of information on what actually Agile is all about. You are a great coach and Mentor. Keep enriching lives of many.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently ask questions related to Certified Scrum Master Certification

How much time does it take to CSM certification ?

Two days training + 1 hour Certified Scrum Master Certification online test. Thus if required you can earn CSM certificate over a weekend. 

Who can attend CSM training ?

Certified Scrum Master training can be attended by any one interested in learning & understanding Scrum Framework. Scrum Masters, team members, managers, product owners and stakeholders. 

Is it hard to pass CSM online test ?

We have 100% pass rate in the CSM certification test by our participants. we offer 2 practice test that completely covers Scrum Guide giving good experience and prepare well for the final CSM test resulting in 100% pass in the very first attempt. 

CSM certification test by Scrum Alliance tests the participant for the understanding of Scrum Framework and Agile Manifesto. Passing CSM test is easy if you study Scrum Guide. 

I'm not from software industry, is CSM relevant for me?

Of course, you can attend. Scrum framework is being used in almost all product & services. In the demanding market needs, adaptability is essential, Scrum framework exposes all the issues so that the team & management can adapt quickly. 

Can I reschedule the training dates ?

We don’t charge anything extra for rescheduling your dates on genuine reasons. we appreciate your transparency and honesty during the date change request. we understand there could be unavoidable situation where you may have to change the date of training and we support such requests without any charges. 

Who issue CSM certificate ?

Certified Scrum Master Certification is by Scrum Alliance, it is valid across the globe and all industries. 

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