Certified Scrum Master Certification CSM Training

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Certified Scrum Master Certification, CSM Training, Bangalore

Experience one of the best Certified Scrum Master Certification,  CSM Training in Bangalore.

Our business is not to print your Scrum Master certification, but to inspire you with agility. 

Ofcourse, we have 100% pass rate and average score by participants in CSM Test after training is 47 / 50

CSM certification by Naveen Nanjundappa is Transformational, with lot of examples from real life and Indian working culture. Participants will feel empowered, focused and knowledgeable to handle situations at work & most importantly you transformed not just certified! 


Why 12 Principles Consulting? 

  • Unlike other CSM Training in Bangalore, our training are really with limited seats (10-25) per batch to ensure maximum interaction
  • During our session you will hear lots of things that are not listed or discussed in general, giving you lots of wow and shocking moments
  • Our focus is towards transforming participants thought process than just add certificate next to your name. 
  • Our session has unique style that brings lots of discussion and activities as a result keep the participants engaged in learning
  • Sorry, we don’t have games, rather have thought provoking discussions that makes sense and bring reality to focus. 
  • Every training is unique for us and we continuously adapt to deliver best examples than just the contents delivery
  • Above all Naveen Nanjundappa is practitioner and coach and connects participants with office situations
  • After the training participants will walk out with lots of confidence on handling their work and implementing Scrum. 
  • Finally realizing that it’s just a beginning for CSM Certification and lots more to learn… 

Certified Scrum Master Certification & CSM Training Fees

  • Regular Fee: Rs 26,020 + Tax as applicable.
  • Early Bird / Special Discounted Fee – for limited time & seats 
Our goal is to provide a training session that is focused on maximizing the learning and interaction with limited participants. 

Certified Scrum Master Certification CSM is issued to professionals who have acquired sufficient knowledge in Scrum framework, understand the role of the Scrum Master. Work with the teams and organization and helping them build winning teams. Scrum Master is Master of Scrum framework, the roles, events and artifacts. 

Following topics would be covered as part of Certified Scrum Master Certification

  • Understanding Agile
  • History of Agile 
  • Values and Principles described in Agile Manifesto
  • Scrum framework
  • The Scrum Team
  • The Product Owner (PO)
  • The Development Team (Dev Team)
  • The Scrum Master
  • Scrum Events and Artifacts
  • Sprint and Increment
  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Product Backlog Refinement
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Definition of Done (DoD)
  • Deeper understanding of Scrum Master Responsibilities
  • Working with Development Team
  • Scrum Master as Servant Leader
  • Value of Engineering Practices
  • Working with Product Owner
  • Coaching the Product Owner
  • Working with Organization    
  • Impediment Removal
  • Coaching the Organization
As a result of CSM training you get certified after passing the CSM test
As a professional when someone wants
  • Explore career opportunities as Scrum Master
  • Increase their visibility and differentiate with other fellow professionals
  • Clearly understand Scrum framework and associated thoughts to apply at work.
  • Use Scrum Framework for their projects and product development
Because of the above reasons, Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master CSM Training & Certification would be good start.
More than CSM certification, in the process of being CSM certified, 
you will be a better person to handle the office problems, 
and start using principles of agility in personal life.

Certified Scrum Master CSM Training & Certification Steps

 In order to get CSM certification, professionals have to 
  • Attend a 16 hour classroom based in-person training covering the topics described in Scrum Alliance CSM learning objectives, 
  • After completing the training, take the 50 question CSM test.  Pass with 37 correct answers out of 50 questions 
  • valid for 2 years, renew after demonstrating continuous learning. 

Naveen Nanjundappa, Certified Scrum Trainer

Over 18 years of service in IT industry, Naveen have gained experience in most of the standard roles of software development lifecycle such as developer, tester, leader, manager of projects and products. He was introduced to XP & Scrum in 2005. Following his passion for coaching, he has spent close to 8 years coaching agile transformation, Scrum teams, trained over 4000+ people from various organizations.

Certified Scrum Master CSM Training & Certification

Certifed Scrum Product Owner CSPO Training & Certification

Expertise: Agile leadership & team coaching, large scale agile transformation, Scrum & Kanban frameworks, product management & project management.  Read more… 

Contact/Whatsapp 7892936360 / 9980505003 / 9945381381 for quick discussion. Email: contact@12principles.in