Definition of Ready & Done

Definition of Ready

Definition of Ready (DoR) is one of the tools/techniques for product backlog management. DoR is mutually agreed just sufficient and just in time information required for the teams to start working towards the product increment.

If you observe these symptoms in the team, then DoR might help the team to over come the root cause issue
1. Lots of feedback during the sprint review
2. uncertainty during the sprint and team members are waiting for clarifications
3. delay in clarifications / decision making
4. huge rework during or after sprint
5. low motivation and focus towards the goal
6. conflicts and missing collaboration between Product Owner (PO) & Development Team (DT)
7. domain or technical information missed by PO or DT
and so on..

DoR isn’t a gate between PO & DT, infact it’s enables them to focus together and be collaborative towards goal. It turns to be a gate if they don’t understand the purpose and how to use. In case it appears to be a gate between them, then to me it indicates some issues related to understanding of Scrum framework, it’s purpose and tools/ techniques, strategies they use.