Best CSM trainer in India

When someone invests money they always look forward for the best, you would be wondering who is the Best CSM trainer in India?

Firstly all Certified Scrum Master training are done by qualified and well respected Certified Scrum Trainers from Scrum Alliance. it’s not question about the best CSM trainer, it’s more of is the trainer able to connect with you and their examples, experiences and style enables your style of learning.

CSM training is very common these days, and many Indian and non-Indian trainers conduct CSM training, one has various options before registering to the training for CSM certification

Some of the things to consider before you decide who is the Best CSM trainer in India

  1. Almost all CSM Trainers have their training or class videos search for them on youtube and watch
  2. Look for any blog or conference talk by the CSM Trainer
  3. Check the feedback from the participants
  4. Look at the contents and how they deliver them, Indian context based examples and experience
  5. Each Trainer has their own style try to understand if that style best suites you.
  6. It’s OK.. to talk to the trainer before if you are in doubt (most of the trainers would be busy so one has to give prior notice or seek for appointment)
  7. Check if the trainer is just training or also involved actively in coaching and working with teams, trainers who actively coach will share much better examples and experiences
  8. Lastly your gut feel would tell you if the trainer is BEST for you ! just believe your gut feel

Let’s put a test, Naveen Nanjundappa is the CSM trainer from 12 Principles Consulting, Let’s assume you want to find out if he is the best CSM trainer in India? you may want to decide yourself based on the following

  1. Naveen Nanjundappa, Best CSM trainer in IndiaSearch on youtube Naveen Nanjundappa – watch the videos
    1. Scrum Introduction
    2. Pre-conference Talk
  2. Feedback from Participants
  3. LinkedIn Recommendations 
  4. Naveen uses examples from real life situations
  5. Experience working with Indian Teams and Indian context for all examples

It’s very difficult to say, this trainer is best or that is, but for your frequency someone will match explore and find them.

Trainers would usually appreciate if you have done some background study on them, their classes and the contents of the training.

Best CSM trainer in India is just in your thoughts.