Benefits of using Scrum framework

Scrum is incremental and iterative frame work. In scrum we, iterate over the process & increment the product, thus continuously inspecting and adapting towards the goal.


  • Reduce risk during development
  • Early discovery and mitigation of risks
  • Accommodates changes early
  • Manageable complexity
  • Higher confidence and satisfaction from early repeated successful delivery
  • Early and continuously visibility of product increment
  • Better predictability and progress
  • Higher quality and lower defects
  • Final product close to customer’s desire and needs


  • Early and regular process improvement
  • Continuous collaboration and engagement with customers
  • Effective and efficient
  • Usable product at anytime
  • Sustainable pace of development.
  • Focus on high value and good ROI
  • Reduce rarely used features, maximize frequently used features
  • Useable product at any time
  • Quality focus

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Naveen Nanjundappa, Certified Scrum Trainer

12 Principles Consulting Naveen NanjundappaWell known for his unique teaching style, Mr. Naveen Nanjundappa has over 19 years of service in IT industry, with experience in most of the standard roles of software development life cycle such as developer, tester, leader, manager of projects and products. He was introduced to XP & Scrum in 2005. Following his passion for coaching, he has spent last 8 years coaching agile transformation, Scrum teams, trained over 4000+ people from various organizations. Expertise in Scrum, Leadership Agility, Organizational Agility, Process Agility, Team Agility, Product Management & Project Management.

CSM / CSPO certification by Naveen Nanjundappa is Transformational, with lot of examples from real life and Indian working culture. Participants will feel empowered, focused and knowledgeable to handle situations at work & most importantly you transformed not just certified!  

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