Leading Organizational Change for Agile Transformation

When you (as change agent) talk to customer / Organizational Leaders

  • Ask for their Vision, Goal, and Clarity for what they need and want to be.
  • Observe the system
  • Study the system, why they are doing what they are doing
  • Seek for clarity and clarification on their current system
  • Look at the current system and try to identify the “root cause” to begin with.
  • Make them the stakeholder to fix the root cause and set as their goal
  • Work with stake holders to fix the pain points by fixing the root cause.
  • Later try to suggest “change in framework” (scrum or others) to be adapted.
  • Coach them to be effective and efficient, building winning teams and winning products

You as a coach, scrum master, change agent

  • Detach from their symptoms and attach to their root cause.
  • Don’t push for any change immediately
  • Don’t assume you know and they don’t know
  • Always think what they are doing is right and they need some effectiveness into the system nothing more
  • Always remember scrum or other framework or your known process/practice isn’t the only way to solve the problems.
  • Help them focus on doing right things right (effectively and efficiently)
  • You can only be a change agent and catalyst nothing else.