Become Certified Scrum Master

A Certified Scrum Master understands the their role can make a big difference to the overall project and team. A certified Scrum Master would understanding the framework, practices, values, tools and techniques and associated strategy much better than a self learnt Scrum Master. A good Scrum trainer can make a huge difference in understanding and applying Scrum at work. Become certified scrum master and enhance your opportunities too

Scrum is one of the widely used and accepted agile frameworks. Scrum has 3 roles, the Development Team, Product Owner and the Scrum Master. while the development team and product owner focus on building the winning product, the Scrum Master takes the them to the whole new level with scrum, focusing on building winning product. 

Scrum Masters are in huge demand as scrum as become one of the most popular software development frameworks in the recent times. Scrum Masters are masters of scrum and enabling the team to become self-organizing. 

Did you know ? Scrum Masters jobs are listed as top 10 highest paid jobs in USA !

Steps to become Certified Scrum Master

To get your CSM certificate, you attend one of the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training from a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), it's usually a two day training followed by online CSM test conducted by Scrum Alliance. Its that simple.

While you explore hot to become certified scrum master, our recommendations are

  1. Read the Scrum Guide - 2017
  2. Watch the video - Scrum by Naveen Nanjundappa 
  3. Watch the video - Introduction to Scrum : Series of elearning videos by Scrum Alliance – Click Here
  4. Take 12 Principles Consulting CSM mock test to understand the Scrum Framework better before you take the training.
  5. Other Scrum related resources

Steps to get your CSM from 12 Principles Consulting

Become Certified Scrum Master

  • Attend 12 Principles Consulting in-person, two-day CSM training Naveen Nanjundappa (CST).
  • After completing the CSM training, you will have to take the online CSM test and pass the test.
  • 24+ out of 35 is passing score in CSM test.
  • Congratulations you are now close to getting your CSM.
  • After you pass the CSM exam, complete some formalities such as accepting the CSM License Agreement and adding details to your Scrum Alliance membership profile.

Get your Certified ScrumMaster

Certified Scrum Master credentials can open the door for new opportunities around the globe and help you stand out in the vast certifications in the market related to scrum master which are not widely known or accepted as much as Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster