Certified ScrumMaster

Scrum Alliance's Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) is an internationally accepted and acknowledged certification for ScrumMasters, This course focus on the agile values & principles, the scrum framework, the deeper understanding of purpose behind every action in scrum. 

Advanced ScrumMaster

For change agents who look beyond just certification, this workshop is highly recommended for Scrum Masters who are new to this role and want to understand beyond Scrum Framework. Learn the art of facilitating various scrum activities and coach teams to be able to use scrum better. Enable the Scrum Masters to deliver better at their job. 

Introduction to Scrum

Highly recommended for scrum teams who is implementing SCRUM,  and agile in right way in their organisations. Focus on full team, help them understand the scrum framework, roles and responsibility, working as team, artifacts, scrum activities and information radiators. 

HR in Agile Organisation

HR department has to adapt changes to improve organizational agility, the policies and practices in the traditional process shall be conflicting, there is a constant need for setting new standards for measurement, activities such as hiring people, building team, focus on collaborative ecosystem, leadership and appraisals. 

How not to SCRUM

Get ready to experience an unique way of training that focus on myths, pitfalls and failed strategy in using scrum. "How not to scrum" enables your team to come out of the practices they believe is agile ! Recommended for teams who don't have a coach to guide !  



With the ever growing need for automation for agility, this workshop helps the participants to attain the required knowledge to automate their system for Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment. Understand the DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet and so on

User Story & Release Planning

Though user stories are not part of scrum framework, they are widely accepted as product backlog items. This workshop enables the product owner and team to work collaboratively to maintain an effective product backlog using user stories. Learn the art of splitting user stories, writing good DOD & DOR, release planning and release strategies. 

Kanban for Software Engineering

Kanban can also help your teams to manage the workflow, value stream mapping, system thinking, limit WIP, focus on priority, reduce wastes. Understand the lean principles behind Kanban, build the kanban information radiator to bring better transparency and focus.